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  1. i had taken up a survey yesterday from global test market that i recieved through my mail…but till now i haven’t got any emails regarding the pay details or anything…I haven’t also got any new survey..i have been active member ..i request u to give me the required information of the above mentioned survey

  2. Hi there I just want to thank u for giving me this opertunity I am so overwelm was searching for along time to do this but just don’t get the right survey or it is just scam I’m going to enjoy doing this thanks to u just that OPINION OUTPOST don’t exsept I’m in SOUTH AFRICA ,CAPE TOWN. THANK U DENISE

  3. Thank you for the info but most of these surveys don’t want me, is it because am from Uganda my God l just want an online job thats all please eeee.

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