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You might have heard the popular phrase there is no such thing as “free lunch”. However, in this post I am going to show you how to get free PayPal money? I am getting free PayPal money sent to my PayPal account again and again for last 7 years.

Yes, this is true and not scam. I would like to make it clear that technically this is not free and you have to join and participate in market research surveys that pay through PayPal. This is FREE as you have nothing to pay. All you have to do is join survey sites that pay by PayPal!

You can get free PayPal money by doing online paid surveys. There are plenty of market research companies that offer survey rewards by PayPal. Although you will not be rich taking online paid surveys, but you can surely earn some extra money by sharing your opinions about the everyday products and services that you buy and use.

It is not a secret that to make good money, say $200-$300 per month, you need to join multiple survey panels. Most of the surveys usually pay $2-$5 per survey. However, you can also get high value surveys such as $20-$50 from time to time. I have done multiple surveys with a cash reward of over $40. I wish I had more surveys like this.

So if you wish to get free PayPal money, please join below survey sites that pay survey rewards by PayPal. Remember, the more panel you join the more survey invitations you will receive and hence more money you will earn. All of the below listed survey panels are legitimate, free to join and DO pay.

List of Survey sites that Pay by PayPal in USA:

Opinion Outpost US: Click Here to Join Opinion Outpost US

Mysurvey Panel US: Click Here to Join Mysurvey USA

Epoll: The good thing about Epoll is it has low payout of $5 only. Click Here to Join Epoll and Get Paid to Take Surveys.

Global Test Market: Click Here to Join Global Test Market and Get Paid for Your Opinions. Earn $2-$20 per completed survey.

Mindfield USA: Click Here to Join Mindfield USA Panel

Ipsos i-Say USA: Click Here to Join Ipsos i-Say USA Panel. Males 18-24, 30-65+ and Females 65+

Opinion World USA: Click Here to Join Opinion World USA Panel.

Toluna Opinions: Click Here to Join Toluna Opinion and Get Paid to Test Products.

List of Survey sites that Pay by PayPal in UK:

Opinion Outpost UK: Click Here to Join Opinion Outpost UK

Mysurvey Panel UK: Click Here to Join Mysurvey UK

List of Survey sites that Pay by PayPal in Canada:

Ipsos i-Say Canada: Click Here to Join Ipsos i-Say CA Panel. Gen Pop.

Opinion Outpost Canada: Click Here to Join Opinion Outpost CA

Mysurvey Panel Canada: Click Here to Join Mysurvey CA

Mysurvey Panel Australia: Click Here to Join Mysurvey Australia Panel

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12 thoughts on “Survey Sites that Pay by PayPal

  1. I’m from Sri Lanka and I joined to a paid surveys yesterday. I want to join more. Is there paid surveys companies that we can join free and earn money?

  2. I have tried to join suverys that u sent but i cant assess them because they take me to make money at home website.please help.i have invested lot of money in this.

  3. I don’t have any bank account or card for which I can’t get membership in any survey..Please help me out in this case so that I can join all surveys

  4. I don’t have a PayPal account and I’m a minor, but I’d like to take part in surveys to get some money out of it.
    Can I ask my friend (who’s an adult) to make and be the manager of my PayPal account?

  5. I would like to join the suggested sites but none is opening up. Next, I will not give my credit card number and my security code to a company on the internet like that. Why does most of you say we can join for free but in the end require us to divulge our card information to collect payment?

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