Paid Focus Groups

What is a Paid Focus Group?

Paid Focus Groups are specialized market research studies (paid surveys) where a moderator interacts with the participants and discuss about a new idea, new product or service and gets participants views and feedback. There are two types of focus group studies:

  1. Online Focus Group Studies – In this case you will get an online invitation from a market research panel to participate in an online paid focus group study, usually lasting 1 hour. The payout is usually $20-$75 for online focus groups.
  2. Offline Focus Group Studies – In this case the participants have to appear in person. Offline paid focus group studies are usually 2-3 hours long and sometime have multiple session spread over a few days. The payout is very good and one can expect to receive $200-$300 for offline focus group studies.

Who offers Focus Group Studies?

These focus group studies are offered by market research companies that offer online paid surveys.

How to Join Paid Focus Groups?

If you are looking to join legitimate paid focus groups the I would suggest to join these top 3 best survey sites that offer paid focus group studies. It is FREE to join. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will invite you for upcoming focus group opportunities.

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